Monday, June 10, 2013

Danger Signs To Treasure Hunters (Yamashita Treasure) Part Il

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Yamashita's Missing Golden Buddha

The second portion of the Yamashita Treasure Danger Signs. As already mentioned the Philippines possessing plenty of precious metals yet to be discovered by miners thru mining. The most common precious metal is gold and mining is the only way to discover the metals buried under the ground. Going back to the early day Filipinos already mining gold. From Philippine history native Filipinos sold an island to another a Muslim sultan for one “Sadok” of precious metal believed to be gold. Then came the Spanish to Christianized the natives and at the same colonized the whole archipelago. During the reigned of the Spaniards they  had developed the skills of Filipino natives in the mining of gold. That was the time when the western colonizer discovered that Philippines had plenty of gold deposits. Certain places can be mined without much efforts. Gold placers and nuggets abound along river banks and among mountains cliffs without much deep diggings. The mined metals were then made into wares and mixed in making big church bells. Large portion of gold then made into gold coins and transported to Spain via the so-called Manila-Acapulco trade route. Plenty of those sailing ship met harsh weather while sailing along Philippine coast and had shipwrecked due to storm. Others sunk in the midst of the Pacific Ocean while underway meeting typhoons.

Switching back in history plenty of Spaniards never returned to Spain most of them were church workers . Some connived with the native and lived marrying them as they like. Those Filipino-Spanish made themselves rich by discovering more gold. Then came the Americans and they  were (Spaniards)driven back to Spain. But, before hand the American takeover Filipino-Spanish buried their riches underneath the ground mostly in an unmarked locations. (Filipino Treasure hunters discovering gold coins way back the Spanish era).  Mistakenly doing the treasure hunting in wrong manner. The buried riches composed of jewelleries, expensive wares made from gold, coins and gold bars were not buried deeply beyond 3 meters below the ground. The receptacle or the container they used mostly made from clay pots, or by those expensive Chinese pots and China wares or jars. Diggers found nothing when getting too deep; also diggers using only hearsay or presumption without using metal detectors just are wasting their effort. It would be too dangerous for the treasure workers without proper preparation. Plenty were buried alive when they come into very deep hole. Some died due to the short supply of oxygen. Anyone should not be inside into confined spaces without breathing apparatus to support oxygen among treasure hunters.
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  1. im looking a Japanese financier the treasure

  2. Good day po. May itanong ako kasi yong signed na nakita ay may netso na malit na ang laki ay 10.5 X 16 tapos may nakakabit na wire sa gilid at pa punta ng cave. Saan po ba ang wire na hindi sasabug.

    1. wag nyo monang galawen kasi hindi nyo pa alam kung saan ang bomba na naka kabet jan

  3. Hi may tao nag dala ng detoctor sa amin may gold . ask lang po ako pag may metal meron ba bomb....